Abstract (81)

A collection of digital abstract art.

Brushes (33)

Photoshop brushes

Business Cards (13)

Business card templates in psd format made with Adobe Photoshop.

Buttons (127)

Buttons made with Photoshop.

Cartoons (18)


Filters (3)

Filters for photoshop

Forum Signatures (8)

aka. Footers.

Icons (200)

Icons and icon sets made with Adobe Photoshop.

Interfaces (154)

Interfaces made with Photoshop.

Logos and Banners (119)

Logos and banners made with Adobe Photoshop.

Menus (32)

Navigation menus made with Photoshop.

Miscellaneous (100)

Miscellaneous Photoshop files. Files that cannot be categorized into other categories for now.

Mockups (43)

Mockups are used to present your design work. For example, if you have designed a UI for a mobile application, you could use an iPad Mockup to show your design on a real iPad.

Objects (151)

Objects made in Photoshop. (cars, computers, devices, etc).

Outer Space (11)

Digital creations simulating space-like scenes.

Patterns (36)

Images that can be repeated vertically and horizontally. If the .pat file is included then double click the .pat file, photoshop program should be open now, the patterns should be installed. Now select the Paint Bucket tool, in top of the interface you should have "select source for fill area" foreground/pattern, chose "pattern" next to it you should see a list of small thumbs, select the last one (diagonal stripes) and now fill your screen.

Pixel Art (2)

Small or large creations made of small pixels. (Non-antialiased)

Plugins (0)

Plugins for Photoshop

Retouched Photographs (31)

Digitally enhanced images.

Shapes (26)

Photoshop shapes

Styles (13)

Photoshop styles that can be applies on layers

Templates (169)

Templates made in Adobe Photoshop.

Tests (0)

This is a temporary category so users do not receive emails when uploads are made here.

Text Effects (83)

Chrome text, plastic text or other text effects files made with photoshop.

Textures (19)

Photoshop textures