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With this Photoshop style you can easily give your text unique sticker effect. By using these styles you will attract people easily for any type of thing you need. You can easily change the color in the layer. more >

user DuckFiles By DuckFiles (41) 13 Mar 2012 16742 views 2562 downloads
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user shakol
shakol: 5 years ago

Thank you for the effect. I can't edit the text, how do I use this?

user Marion
Marion: 5 years ago

Thank you, is beautiful!

user JangEunSil
JangEunSil: 7 years ago

thank you!!

user Mrskappy
Mrskappy: 8 years ago

How do you use the text effects? I use the styles all the time but love this one and not sure how to use it, thanks for your help

user ruperkun
ruperkun: 8 years ago

good job, DuckFiles

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