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This ilustration of my avatar it was done using a reference tutorial that i found in internet. The link is down.
Here it is possible to be seen as the volume of this illustration is created using many layers to obtain it.
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user aldemar By aldemar (15) 9 Feb 2009 34133 views 2516 downloads
Author URL: http://sterlingadv.blogspot.com
Listing URL: http://psdtuts.com/tutorials/text-effects-tutorial...

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user MarvinAG
MarvinAG: 2 years ago

Thank You!

user shebbyflavour
shebbyflavour: 4 years ago

nice one

user azeem.abbas
azeem.abbas: 6 years ago


user frozen
frozen: 9 years ago

cool...i like it

user ovm.surendar
ovm.surendar: 1 decade ago


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