Juma Text Effect

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Juma text effect.
This is my first text effect.

user shanimhhs By shanimhhs (8) 13 Dec 2013 13892 views 724 downloads
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user eva4art
eva4art: 5 years ago

Very nice.

user willyg66
willyg66: 5 years ago

I respect what you're saying. I am white and it's like me saying, To all white people.... "I would never do it." I do have a lot of respect for muslims because of what they are going through.

user peegeess
peegeess: 5 years ago

Nice, can you help to spread more spirituality in our society by helping us SubhaVastu dot com website. Here you may find out Muslims wallpapers at left menu. We require PhotoShop backgrounds I await.

user eva4art
eva4art: 6 years ago


user alifaz2001
alifaz2001: 6 years ago

how can use it?

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