Glossy Text

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Glossy colored text.
Font:Arista 2.0
Brush: Star 87 pixels (standard brush)

user dianac By dianac (55) 5 Feb 2010 16148 views 3207 downloads
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user Klumb3r
Klumb3r: 9 years ago


user 789aaa
789aaa: 9 years ago

It 's so nice!

user dianac
the listing author dianac: 10 years ago

Thanks for the tip, but I used only what the program contains. You can make your changes, that's why I share =)

user didibemi
didibemi: 10 years ago

the glow quality ins't very good.
you should donwload a better brush =)

user ankur
ankur: 10 years ago

looking great...........

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