Fire Text Effect

Fire Text Effect preview

This is my first text effect.

user vikaskumar057 By vikaskumar057 (12) 17 Nov 2009 26080 views 4719 downloads
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user sreynolds3
sreynolds3: 7 years ago

I like it, but how do I edit the text? It doesn't work!! :(

user visa57
visa57: 7 years ago

Nice. Thank you.

user jlwbake
jlwbake: 9 years ago

Thank you.

user vikaskumar057
the listing author vikaskumar057: 9 years ago

anujhelle .......plz use photoshop fire action file to make this effect easy.......:)

user aunjhelle
aunjhelle: 9 years ago

Sorry I'm new to this... can you edit the text. If so, how. It looks great!!!

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