Concrete text effect

Concrete text effect preview

effect of txt on concrete wall
font used: Mark [ ]

[title of drama play Der Park by Botho Strauss, detail of poster that I made for T.N.Timisoara]
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user popljubo By popljubo (3) 12 Aug 2008 22847 views 4075 downloads
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user jlwbake
jlwbake: 8 years ago

Thank you.

user medo71
medo71: 8 years ago

very good

user Jeera003
Jeera003: 1 decade ago

Thank you

user picassoo
picassoo: 1 decade ago

wow very good

user popljubo
the listing author popljubo: 1 decade ago

thanks to team who create ps and to a friend of mine who told me how to make layer via copy in case i have loaded selection.
so, load selection of an object [ctrl+click on small pict of layer] then select the desired layer and click right to make a layer via copy but ... here goes the tricky part [for me!]: lasso or marquee tool must be selected [i can't figure if i was stupid or stupid!? zzz...]
the rest is pure math. of layer style in combination with your eye/mood...
so bravo to ps team and to my friend [cause i was "away from home"]

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