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Thank you for the emails. We posted three new files with ideas for a template regarding our previous: space_interface. Second one.<br />Use as you like. <br />P.S. I apologies for not answering back to emails. Is just that I have no time for it. more >

user gmorpheus By gmorpheus (7) 20 Mar 2006 15780 views 1658 downloads
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user nehafasin
nehafasin: 1 decade ago

its realy superb

user Kristyanna
Kristyanna: 1 decade ago

I think your stuff is so Cool!!!! I been using PS CS2 Suite for the past year and was given a free copy of CS3 Design Premium from Adobe but I have to get the Suite that has Production Premium that has Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 I get the CS3 Suite of PS again.