Sultan by Faizan Haider

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i love this web its open sources & created by Photoshop cs5.

user Faizan By Faizan (19) 8 Oct 2011 15071 views 1432 downloads
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user zeroz
zeroz: 7 years ago


user raahulsaxena
raahulsaxena: 8 years ago

you rock man!!!

user Faizan
the listing author Faizan: 9 years ago

for download source file creat an account on this web.than you can download

user EraticKnight
EraticKnight: 9 years ago

How do you use this on your website??? Because I edited and credited you, but people can't click on the links....HELP!!!!! *Rookie*

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT: 9 years ago

Please stop setting "Listing URL" to the same URL on this site, that field is meant to show an external URL that would contain more details about this file, for example a link to tutorial that was used to make the file.