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I had created this template for one of my client but he wants different design. I dont know why this template was rejected. If someone find anything wrong in this template, please make me a response at
Thanks for...
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user creativehelper By creativehelper (8) 18 Dec 2008 12441 views 1444 downloads
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user bhaviksbest
bhaviksbest: 1 decade ago

This is a bad layout, although the colors u have used are OK , but the styling is bad. The content is written in a bad format, nothing is highlighted on home page.

user oldmanjinkins
oldmanjinkins: 1 decade ago

The ZIP/RAR file that I get when I click on 'Download'... is broken. It doesn't work. It says it's empty.

I'd love to try this out...

user jannatzaib1
jannatzaib1: 1 decade ago

maybe it look like a royal site instead of sanetery site