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Just a simple portfolio template done after a tutorial :)

user simina By simina (3) 4 Mar 2009 15836 views 1667 downloads
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user gotDESIGN
gotDESIGN: 8 years ago

way too plastic look

user flatsilver
flatsilver: 1 decade ago

hi, i see this is a template, but im kind of new to photoshop and learning.. this doesnt contain links right? or way to link to make a website. since i noticed it said it was a template. i was told photoshop couldnt make links

user simina
the listing author simina: 1 decade ago

Hi. 10x.. there is a brush that does the grass... it is in Photoshop brushes..the one with the predef. size at 112 px :)

user leplay
leplay: 1 decade ago

hi.. is nice.. did u made from zero the grass? or how did u do it?..