Mansory charm Purple layout

Mansory charm Purple layout preview

Materials used:
-Photoshop 7.0
-Photoshop CS3 Image ready
-Unique brushes

Time taken:
-1 hour / 14 min's

Tyler's Comment's:
This layout is for only, I just joined this site, considering I'm new, i decided to create a...
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user Tylerdiaz By Tylerdiaz (6) 6 Jun 2008 10595 views 738 downloads
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user Criss22
Criss22: 1 decade ago

purple is my favorite color i love how it turned out.

user Tylerdiaz
the listing author Tylerdiaz: 1 decade ago

Yeah i don't really like purple as a base color myself. But i figured, hey i like to try new things. So don't bother e-mailing me :) Since its non-profit feel free to use without my permission. Use it however you like.

user SandieLee
SandieLee: 1 decade ago

I love seeing what other people come up with. I never would have used purple as a base color on a web site, but I like this look so much, I'm considering using parts of it for my cat rescue organization. It's a non-profit ... but I'll email you to get your authorization to use it ... just in case.

user Tylerdiaz
the listing author Tylerdiaz: 1 decade ago

Wow this site is more active than i thought! Nice to see i got 22 views. :)

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT: 1 decade ago

Any user comments/ratings for this one?