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Design Template.

"Menu Bar", "read more" and "logo"
1. Used shapes
2. Create a new layer
3. Create a circle with Elliptical Marquee Tool and paint it with white
4. ctrl click in the shape (under the white layer), ctrl shift i (invert) and...
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user dianac By dianac (55) 7 Jun 2010 17005 views 1994 downloads
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user coderturk
coderturk: 9 years ago

thank you very much

user sergendjana
sergendjana: 9 years ago


user chai
chai: 1 decade ago

Thank you

user dianac
the listing author dianac: 1 decade ago

Actually this template is more draw from my imagination! But you are free to comment and to download it!
And thanks for all comments...

user royonly
royonly: 1 decade ago

I am sorry to state that this design is nothing but a copy from "AAA logo" software. It is already in its templates in the name of "PRINT Express".

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