Hello Kitty Shapes

Hello Kitty Shapes preview

I made it for my youngest sister! She loves the Hello Kitty!
Is attached the files HelloKitty.psd and HelloKitty.csh!
Enjoy it!

user Maux By Maux (61) 3 Jul 2009 31559 views 1546 downloads
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user mdkajak
mdkajak: 5 years ago

very cute my lil girl will love this

user kennethgreat
kennethgreat: 8 years ago

tanx man

user usui
usui: 9 years ago


user azrich
azrich: 1 decade ago

thankx a lot bro........

user 8ntfrogn
8ntfrogn: 1 decade ago

Thank you for sharing these I have a friend whose wife is nuts for this stuff!

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