Under water

Under water preview

this is an image i made for a sound board i made for a friend.

first i took a pic of him playing the bass while pretending to hold his breath.
then with the same camera settings i took a second pic of him holding his collar and bottom corner of...
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user omac By omac (1) 18 Mar 2007 28447 views 2904 downloads
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user zeemulla
zeemulla: 9 years ago

awesme man

user tamess75
tamess75: 1 decade ago

Really nice work

user pavo
pavo: 1 decade ago

Really nice yaar...

user mevaoo
mevaoo: 1 decade ago

Realy nice. Creative, humoristic! Thanx for sharing!

user tarabasoftyogesh
tarabasoftyogesh: 1 decade ago

Nicely Done!!

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