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Collection of pixel patterns

user duardoe By duardoe (3) 4 Jan 2011 24603 views 1839 downloads
Author URL: http://www.dusigner.com.br
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user 2341
2341: 3 years ago

thanks :)

user ankur
ankur: 5 years ago

Once again good job. Thanks

user Meeps
Meeps: 7 years ago

I like this a lot :-)
This way one can wary the colours if this endlessly :-D
So thank you ever so much for sharing this :-)

user Finja
Finja: 9 years ago

vielen Dank fr die tollen Pixel Muster.

user brian
brian: 9 years ago

Thanks for sharing your patterns. There's an issue with the download, though. There is only one pattern in the .pat file, and the .psd file you've included does not include the patterns you show in the preview image in your post here.

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