japanese style pattern

japanese style pattern preview

japanese style Pattern.
You are free to use it for commercial purposes

user musuka By musuka (7) 21 Mar 2012 16699 views 1134 downloads
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user donakat
donakat: 5 years ago

Confused about the contradiction. Above you say, "You are free to use it for commercial purposes," but in the license enclosed with the download, it says, "This file is for personal, free, non-commercial use. Please contact the author if you plan to use the file in other situations." What are the actual terms, please?

user euniceh
euniceh: 6 years ago

These are beautiful - thank you!

user hightekk314
hightekk314: 6 years ago

Nice work, thank you for sharing!

user InkaDinka
InkaDinka: 7 years ago

My previous comment is a mistake. I was clicking on the download button from an ad. I apologize. The download link for this site works fine.

user InkaDinka
InkaDinka: 7 years ago

I tried to download this and it took me to another website called "wisedownloads" to download files. At that site it wants to install a downloader. That is different from the other files I have downloaded here. My Kaspersky Anti-virus refused to download it because it says it has malware. I'm just trying to help out. Not discourage anyone from downloading files from this website. This is the first and only problem I've ever had.

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