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only photoshop

user aneeshdesigner By aneeshdesigner (4) 27 Mar 2009 9062 views 1054 downloads
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user ruipimentel
ruipimentel: 1 decade ago

Hummm a little bit distorted... but I like the idea of designing day-to-day objects in Photoshop...
I am designing a mp3 player BTW...
I'll post it here soon... :P

user Flash_Ragazzo
Flash_Ragazzo: 1 decade ago

Impressively well-done for a Photoshop-only artwork. You surely show a lot of skills in your work, Aneesh. You should perhaps work a bit more on your glossy buttons set, in order to make it a more original. As for your other stuff, they are awesome.

user sayan
sayan: 1 decade ago

ReAlY NicE wOrk_ ThaNkU!!!!:u

user Finja
Finja: 1 decade ago

wooooow SUPER!!!!!

user hamadameabed
hamadameabed: 1 decade ago