Parking Sign

Parking Sign preview

Parking sign. Made with scratches brushes and the scratches layer has a "down" bevel style applied.
This is second version, the first one didnt look very real before I used the scratches brushes :)
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user adrianTNT By adrianTNT (34) 20 Feb 2009 18523 views 2714 downloads
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user adrianTNT
the listing author adrianTNT: 1 decade ago

Hi Maxpowerz, I removed the first one and approved the second one.

user maxpowerz
maxpowerz: 1 decade ago

yo adrianTNT, I posted a working zip file with the "text import" script, sorry about yesterday. lol

user sebascelis
sebascelis: 1 decade ago

Is cool like that

user teedee
teedee: 1 decade ago

it's very nice. maybe some rust in those scratches will make it look more real.

user tikiman
tikiman: 1 decade ago

I really like the updated version.

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