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Aid box made with Adobe Photoshop.

user jules By jules (22) 28 May 2010 20746 views 1415 downloads
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user jules
the listing author jules: 8 years ago

Matrix off course, no problem, thanxs for use my art.

user matrix560
matrix560: 8 years ago

I would like to modify the image and use the first aid kit in an iPad application that will be sold. Is this ok for you Jules ? I don't know how to get in touch with you apart from this comments sorry.

user patrickqwer
patrickqwer: 8 years ago

Felicidades de Corazon, eres un creativo excelente

user jules
the listing author jules: 9 years ago

egiova, solo espero que me des crdito y que no te hayas adueado de mi obra, saludes.

user egiova
egiova: 9 years ago

Gracias, me acabas de salvar varias horas de trabajo! Muy buena calidad por cierto, te felicito. Y reitero las gracias que me salvaste el da.

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