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After studying a glass ball's reflection and destortion this is what I came up with. I used blur and spherize filters. Check out the layers in the psd. there is a lot of work involved to try to make it look real. please comment! Thanx :) more >

user tikiman By tikiman (29) 2 Oct 2006 27284 views 2819 downloads
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user Campy101
Campy101: 7 years ago

Awesome work bro.Thank you

user ekko
ekko: 9 years ago

it look real ! Very good job.

user kora
kora: 9 years ago

Really great work, thank you:)))

user tikiman
the listing author tikiman: 10 years ago

Thank You.

user proofing1
proofing1: 10 years ago

Very nicely done. Thanks for sharing. 7 Stars to you.

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