Futuristic Player

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A MP3 Player I designed in my spare time using only Photoshop (no sketches).

user ruipimentel By ruipimentel (4) 24 Apr 2009 13407 views 734 downloads
Author URL: http://ruipimentel.blogspot.com/
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user mangaa
mangaa: 1 decade ago

Very very great! Now get done with making it live and eMail me please :D

user phorias
phorias: 1 decade ago


user ruipimentel
the listing author ruipimentel: 1 decade ago

Wow, are you serious?? You know, I wanted to code it in Flash, kind of a "player simulator". HAHAHA If I have the time to do it I'll probably share the code too.

user Zippo
Zippo: 1 decade ago

Woaw, very sweet. I want code it!

user aneeshdesigner
aneeshdesigner: 1 decade ago

superb dear..........................

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