Emergency Phone

Emergency Phone preview

Blending Options and done layers by hand

user aldemar By aldemar (15) 9 Mar 2009 29393 views 2069 downloads
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user jules
jules: 10 years ago

awesome, reaaly awesome, only photoshop, or plus 3d max???

user parrudinho
parrudinho: 1 decade ago

Thanks ^_^

user aldemar
the listing author aldemar: 1 decade ago

oK. Terry.
I believe that the intention of this site is purely didactic. Even so your you can unload the document in layers and switch off the keyboard layer.You can make use of the document, as long as it is not for commercial aim. This phone illustration is here being used by an organism of the state in an educative campaign in my country.

user TerryCarver
TerryCarver: 1 decade ago

I got you e-mail asking me to explain my request. I'd love to have the great telephone image without the numbers you have 1 7 1. Just the phone would allow me to put other things on it.

user aldemar
the listing author aldemar: 1 decade ago

Sorry Terry. I dont undertand your request

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