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Created by Manicho e-86548493 .

Well, I've quickly made this other freebie for you to enjoy. It is customizable, but you need to know a bit of Photoshop.

Note: This is PSD file is FREE. Use it...
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user fnonaka
fnonaka: 1 decade ago


user tomo545
tomo545: 1 decade ago

dude you are a champ for making this free - the artistic world needs more people like u. I'm gonna credit u anyway.

user Flash_Ragazzo
Flash_Ragazzo: 1 decade ago

Very nice artwork. Thanks for sharing.

user iiiccchhhaaa
iiiccchhhaaa: 1 decade ago

thanks for share :)

user creativehelper
creativehelper: 1 decade ago

Great Job

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