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this is one of my favorite work done using burn tool & dodge tool.

user aneeshdesigner By aneeshdesigner (4) 5 Apr 2009 13346 views 1561 downloads
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user 9868422436
9868422436: 9 years ago

nice one

user ruipimentel
ruipimentel: 1 decade ago

HAHAHA Yeah, it looks a little bit more like a cherry... but doesn't matter, I like it. The problem is that it seems to be a little bit artificial...
But it's good anyway, thanks for sharing!

user compulsaodiaria
compulsaodiaria: 1 decade ago

yeahhh its a cherry:))))

user compulsaodiaria
compulsaodiaria: 1 decade ago

thanks a lot

user nassim
nassim: 1 decade ago

thank you

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