Xbox 360 .PSD

Xbox 360 .PSD preview

Microsoft Xbox 360 .PSD (Real .PSD, not rendered.)

Note: The .PSD is triple the size of the image shown at 3200x resolution

Okay! Now I can go back and develop all of the controllers for these controls and add them to the console .PSD's....
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user zandog By zandog (21) 22 Feb 2010 9850 views 1029 downloads
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user zandog
the listing author zandog: 10 years ago

Check out my portfolio for more!

user Wera
Wera: 10 years ago

Awsome and awsome!!

user BiggBoss35
BiggBoss35: 10 years ago

its awesome! :)

user suwit_sskpc
suwit_sskpc: 10 years ago

Thank for all