Team Building poster

Team Building poster preview

Poster template for a team building seminar.

user valaes By valaes (1) 19 Dec 2011 8132 views 261 downloads
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user dims
dims: 9 years ago

... switch colours : 'building' and 'and' ... & also 'team' for 'outreach' .. i.e. orange/yellow and red on the dark blue background .. punchier contrast, easier to read.

user dims
dims: 9 years ago

Perhaps too many fonts ... but the goal is to have an audience. The focus 'young' demographic will be nicely drawn to the flash and contrast. #1 goal accomplished... now ... slightly easier to read once you get there and poof ... a saleable file ;-)

user egiova
egiova: 9 years ago

We can feel a lot of enthusiasm on our young fellow. May I risk some recommendations? You have too much of everything here, and so few of the necessary.
Too much fonts kill the fonts. Prepare a stack (search fonts stack, and you'll found a lot of resources online about the topic) before beginning your work and stick with it.
Too much colors kill the color (consult sites as ColoursLovers, Kuler, or ColorSchemer and you'll see what I mean). Actually, your main goal have to be legibility. All these colors are competing against the message.
Too much elements kill the elements. Elementary...
Every elements of your poster have to help people to READ your message. So, keep it simple. A designer have to give a graphic consistency to a message, and must participate to its diffusion.
Keep practising, and never forget that experience is the sum of our mistakes. So, dar to be wrong, and ignore criticism!

user jenspeter
jenspeter: 9 years ago

wow this is bad. Sorry to say. It is very confusing and I dont see what the dancing girls or the shooting man has to do with team building.. and the other man is he fighting?.
The font used is not especially easy to read and no spacing.
It is very colourful and it makes it stand out bit I miss to see the idea of using the colours and the graphic and the link between graphic and subject.