SpeedLight Motion

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I made the action for this effect, thanks to a tutorial [my apologies to the author of tutorial cause I forgot his name & don't have the link].
Play with foreground & background colors, multiple layers and blending modes of the layers.
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user popljubo By popljubo (3) 16 Jun 2008 15312 views 2488 downloads
Author URL: http://popljubo.blogspot.com/
Listing URL: http://popljubo.blogspot.com/

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user jlwbake
jlwbake: 8 years ago

This is really cool. Thank you.

user hulla1004
hulla1004: 1 decade ago

it's cool~

user tikiman
tikiman: 1 decade ago

nice colors.

user popljubo
the listing author popljubo: 1 decade ago

Hi pziviani!
It's simple to record an action
I made a basic tutorial for you.
Please follow the link: http://popljubo.blogspot.com/2008/06/pho toshop-actions.html

user pziviani
pziviani: 1 decade ago

How did you do it?
I'd like to learn with you