Sony Playstation 3 Slim .PSD

Sony Playstation 3 Slim .PSD preview

Sony Playstation 3 Slim .PSD (Real .PSD, not rendered.)

Note: The .PSD is double the size of the image shown at 2400x As always, free to use in anything just credit and post me a link in the comments if you use it in your project. If you see...
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user zandog By zandog (21) 18 Feb 2010 17896 views 619 downloads
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user vicmar
vicmar: 1 decade ago

looks great!

user wareneik
wareneik: 1 decade ago


user bykurtar
bykurtar: 1 decade ago

looking great... Thank you

user Finja
Finja: 1 decade ago

SUPER !!!!

user ettienne
ettienne: 1 decade ago

Your work is really clean cut!

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