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I'm surprised I didn't submit this one earlier! I did this one awhile back and it sat on my Deviant Art page while plenty of attention. I figured I might as well upload it here too. ;) Check out my...
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user zandog By zandog (21) 27 Apr 2010 8569 views 592 downloads
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user cashaD
cashaD: 10 years ago

The Apple 4G iPhone has been rumored to getting better to release in most major cities in the US. Where did this rumor originate from? It started from the Walmart iPhone pandemic. Walmart has cut $100 from the purchase of the Apple 3G phone, making it a lot cheaper for everybody. The Apple 4G has to be coming in soon, and Walmart must be making room to be able to sell it without having to compete with 3G sales. If Verizon has the capacity to release a 4G phone it could possibly take a large chunk of the market share from AT&T, and rumor has it they're going to release one.