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This it's my first job that I send to
I make it for a fotolog of a friend.
Sorry if I don't show to you the source, because I make it on Fireworks :D
And I put some effects with Photoshop :S

If the image does not appear to be...
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user dap_mb By dap_mb (2) 9 Nov 2006 10403 views 758 downloads
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user photostate
photostate: 10 years ago

sexy work man!! Awesome

user mohoyoyo
mohoyoyo: 1 decade ago

Amigo, por lo menos podrias haber separado las capas cuando pasaste a photoshop, asi es inservible, un saludo y buen trabajo de paso

user Simplywile
Simplywile: 1 decade ago

this is awesome dude !