Galaxy Background v01

Galaxy Background v01 preview

Galaxy Background v01
Font: Acens
Brush: Cloud and grundge brushes

user dianac By dianac (55) 8 Feb 2010 13720 views 1969 downloads
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user mastria
mastria: 1 decade ago

very beautiful! tnks for this

user hasse98
hasse98: 1 decade ago

Could you make a new PSD file with a NEW layer with the thing behind the galaxy text, I can't fix it..

user SigPwnU
SigPwnU: 1 decade ago

Looks great

user ankur
ankur: 1 decade ago

good effect.....

user Daytona10
Daytona10: 1 decade ago

ah ok i didn't read the description correctly, thank you for telling me. Good work on this really like it.

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