Break Picture

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Break picture in pieces.
In this example I used a picture by cuting it in some pieces!
1. Select an image
2. Cut it as you wish (select the original > select Rectangular Marquee Tool > and ctrl J (duplicates the piece youve selected))
3. Add...
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user dianac By dianac (55) 4 Jun 2010 12839 views 1413 downloads
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user SangPhamThanh
SangPhamThanh: 1 decade ago

thank you

user dianac
the listing author dianac: 1 decade ago

Thanks tikiman. You are able to create your own break picture with other effects. This is just for showing the concept, as you said!
There are thousands effects that you can aply, just use your imagination! Njoy!

user tikiman
tikiman: 1 decade ago

I notice a couple things, The upper left picture's alignment is off, the bottom middle B&W has a slight bit of color, and there is an issue with the bottom right image. Instead of using desaturated try using some of PS B&W features, it will allow you to maintain contrast and other important adjustments. It's a nice concept though. :-)

user farooqf
farooqf: 1 decade ago

very hard works
very nice

user sap
sap: 1 decade ago

ok dianac:
i will surely try ur exp..
hope it works fine

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