Abyss preview

This art project is in response to the new "Explore the ocean with Google Earth" I played around with different techniques to get this deep ocean effect. The orb is an alien life form. :) more >

user tikiman By tikiman (29) 3 Feb 2009 25883 views 3731 downloads
Author URL: http://www.tikiglow.com
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user inventive
inventive: 1 decade ago

smart effects... :)

user bsuamt
bsuamt: 1 decade ago

awesome effect!!!

user apeironeau
apeironeau: 1 decade ago


user tikiman
the listing author tikiman: 1 decade ago

For your own personal use is O.K.
Please do not sell, take credit for, or redistribute this art work from any other web site, in anyway shape or form.

user wudsteen
wudsteen: 1 decade ago

Tikiman: Is this image OK to use, or not?

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