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user Maux By Maux (61) 3 Sep 2009 30378 views 823 downloads
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user delpinsky
delpinsky: 1 decade ago

this should be the closer font to Europa League font, judging by the same operation with OCR..http://members.fortunecity.es/todof uentes1/descarga/g/geom415b.zip

user delpinsky
delpinsky: 1 decade ago

For sure! :)

user Maux
the listing author Maux: 1 decade ago

Hi, delpisky! Thanks!
About the font, I wrote with the font TrajanPro and made some adjustments!
by the way, if you find out, please let me know!
See you!

user delpinsky
delpinsky: 1 decade ago

Great work :)

Do you know which is the FONT of Champions League?