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PSD logo template with tree

user gkaliraj89 By gkaliraj89 (13) 17 Jun 2012 12466 views 244 downloads
Author URL: http://vickypond.com/
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user oxxy
oxxy: 8 years ago

oxi.loveless@yahoo.com (This is my e-mail adress, gkaliraj89)

user gkaliraj89
the listing author gkaliraj89: 8 years ago

this logo create for illustrator software but i will convert this file Photoshop format so low quality please give me your email id i that send this file high quality

user donnasander
donnasander: 8 years ago

@darkmy1: I know that it's not cool. I was just giving him a piece of his own medicine. If he can dish it out, he should be able to take it. And I wasn't laughing at him. I was outright criticizing him, because that's what he was doing and I didn't see anything that puts him in a position to do so. And you are pretty judgmental yourself. How do you know he didn't do it with Photoshop? That Facebook and Twitter button you have on your profile...how do we know that you did those? I don't see a darn thing in your profile that says you have any more right to project judgement on someone's Photoshop skills than Caseaer does. You guys are both punks. If you want to "professionally" critique someone, you do it with encouragement ...well, if you expect anyone to listen anyhow. Otherwise you just project yourself like a low-life punk. And if you do critique someone else's work, you damn-sure better have the Ace-skills to back it up. Grow up. This is a forum for uploading files and sharing them. If you don't like someone's work, move on and find something else. You know what they say about opinions...

user darkmy1
darkmy1: 8 years ago

@donnasander what good work ?
the logo it's just so low quality, i think he cut the tree from another logo.
well yes, it's kind off a good idea but not really.

by the way it's not cool to laugh at people that don't know english very well, because i am sure that you don't know his language to.

@gkaliraj89 no hard feelings, but you need to improve your Photoshop skills, watch some tutorials or something.

user donnasander
donnasander: 8 years ago

-raj89: keep up the good work. You have some nice ideas for logos. I might suggest you try to incorporate some 3-D into your designs...that is the new thing in logos. someone just did one for me ( http://every-thing-it.com/ -top left corner ) and I was very pleased with it. It was simple, but I asked to put a 3-D "spin" on it, and he did a perfect job. If you notice, look at Microsoft's, Google's, Adobe's, ...everyone has a 3-D version of their logo lately. It's the new big thing in Logos.

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