Leather Stamping Logo MockUp

Leather Stamping Logo MockUp preview

Leather Stamping Logo MockUp

user Guest By Guest (430) 7 Feb 2015 9763 views 744 downloads
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user eva4art
eva4art: 4 years ago


user adrianTNT
adrianTNT: 5 years ago

It should be fixed now, Google Chrome had a problem with the URL included in the zip file, there was a shortcut to the site included in each zip.

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT: 5 years ago

Hello Bheller1, I am site admin, I will have a look at this, the file(s) look fine, but I think Google Chrome doesn't like the headers being sent with the file download, will try to fix this if possible.

user bheller1
bheller1: 5 years ago

I tried to download Leather... but got a warning that "leather_stamping_logo....zip is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous." What's going on?

user David_Durovy
David_Durovy: 5 years ago

This is very cool - Excellent! But, I don't understand how to use it. Can you give me a simple checklist? I have tried all I know to place my logo, type etc, all to no avail. Help!