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Logo I made for my forum.

Font used is a Planet Estyle in case you want to look for it.

user Agamemnon By Agamemnon (5) 9 Mar 2008 22888 views 868 downloads
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user adrianTNT
adrianTNT: 9 years ago

@Agamemnon I will send you an email and you can reply with the psd file so that I can include it in this file. If you stil have it.

user cute_heart
cute_heart: 10 years ago

I am agree with ESPARTANA: file show there is psd but when its open with photoshop its come one size box nothing in there ,

ESPARTANA: 1 decade ago

Yes; Can you reupload it? please? :)

user Agamemnon
the listing author Agamemnon: 1 decade ago

I just downloaded it myself and indeed the .PSD file is 0 kb.

Any suggestion from site admin?

ESPARTANA: 1 decade ago

I don't know why but the psd has 0 K.
It's empty :(

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