XML MP3 Player

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This file Includes:

Action Script 3.0 with AS Files
XML 1.0
2 MP3 Songs

Minimalistic Mp3 player with a twist, perfect for your website. It supports the basic functions of an mp3 player:

- Play
- Pause
- Next and Previous Tabs
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user dhirajsingh1012 By dhirajsingh1012 (2) 3 Mar 2011 13476 views 956 downloads
Author URL: http://myselfdsk.com
Listing URL: http://www.incoverdesign.com/latest/mp3_player/

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user pauldf
pauldf: 9 years ago

Any idea where I can get the xml and Action Script Files? When I opened the download I only had the psd files.

user karma88
karma88: 9 years ago

How can i download the xml and Action Script Files.? I find ne psd file but not the other files.. Pleas help..

user nidan
nidan: 9 years ago

i like it.

user abbes-net1
abbes-net1: 9 years ago

mercii :)

user gazaweb
gazaweb: 9 years ago

nice work dude :)

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