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made this to us in director for my personal profile..... to see how i made it in photoshop.......... [ i first make sketch then scan it ] please download psd file and see the background layer.... more >

user andy4flash By andy4flash (5) 1 Mar 2006 15719 views 1499 downloads
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user dmj
dmj: 1 decade ago


user zullu230
zullu230: 1 decade ago

great work

user Flash_Ragazzo
Flash_Ragazzo: 1 decade ago

Nice artwork, buddy. Thank you for sharing. I might make some changes and use it as a skin for a Flash MP3. As soon as I make the changes, I'll post it in Flash Files and send you the link for your approval. Cheers.

user Darwey
Darwey: 1 decade ago

thats very cool :)