Web icon set 01

Web icon set 01 preview

14 new icon set made is photoshop, free to use, but link to designstub.com for credits.

user Designstub By Designstub (1) 5 Aug 2011 22568 views 1364 downloads
Author URL: http://www.designstub.com
Listing URL: http://www.designstub.com/product-details.php?pID=...

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user apiwat1961
apiwat1961: 8 years ago

very nice

user dogonly
dogonly: 8 years ago

Thank you!!

user liyanyan
liyanyan: 8 years ago


user blid24
blid24: 8 years ago

good and thanks~~! WOW~!

user siwakorntuddee
siwakorntuddee: 8 years ago

design very well.

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