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I draw it using shapes on Photoshop CS3. It's still a vector, so that you can resize it if you need. Use it on "Download Flash Player" buttons and stuff. And of course, this logo is an Adobe trademark. Don't forget to mention it if you use the icon. more >

user ruipimentel By ruipimentel (4) 26 Apr 2009 17630 views 1173 downloads
Author URL: http://ruipimentel.blogspot.com/
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user lofee
lofee: 9 years ago

so cool!!!

user mangaa
mangaa: 1 decade ago

Hey Rupimental, I have all the Adobe Stock Icons. Opened up all .EXEs and got all the .ICOs now I really want your background? Any hook up? ^.^ Please send me your background to more@adobewiki.com please ^.^

user mangaa
mangaa: 1 decade ago

Hey there, I'm trying to run AdobeWiki.com as I have bought it recently. And just letting you know, once I get done this is gonna be the UI! Thanks a lot mate!

Ohh also, can you make that background image like lot bigger? maybe extend it to 1500x1500 px? Lol thanks

user pj9811
pj9811: 1 decade ago

Great baby!

user ruipimentel
the listing author ruipimentel: 1 decade ago

Hey adv.russel, I'm glad to read that. Can you please e-mail me at rui_fowl@hotmail.com?
And I'm sorry for the long time you waited for a reply, I have been away this week.

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