The Gate

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The gate is a digital photograph I extracted, then ran a couple 3rd party filters. the bats, spiderwebs and the wolf are brushes I created. The background is Knoll light factory filter,the moon...well thats the moon. more >

user tikiman By tikiman (29) 28 Dec 2007 33121 views 3589 downloads
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user uhanepono
uhanepono: 7 years ago

Is that Buffy over there in that corner? :-) nice work

user panther
panther: 9 years ago


user prabhureddy
prabhureddy: 9 years ago


user crow
crow: 10 years ago

Very nice Al scribbled

user Babar_1
Babar_1: 1 decade ago

Thanks this is great i just saw on the site...

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