droid sensor

droid sensor preview

metal and glassy droid sensor

user tikiman By tikiman (29) 20 Apr 2008 21399 views 1931 downloads
Author URL: http://www.tikiglow.com
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user tonep046
tonep046: 1 decade ago

very nice

user umarfaruk
umarfaruk: 1 decade ago


user creativehelper
creativehelper: 1 decade ago

I liked it so much and now I am downloading this. Thanks

user tikiman
the listing author tikiman: 1 decade ago

I'm glad it's useful! Thanks for the kind words. This might be a cool project in flash.

user lizter
lizter: 1 decade ago

I liked this a lot, very fine work. If I will place a text, an image or any content on the central circle, this will be full useful for me. This would be for a flash intro, a button, an announcement, a template decoration, a banner, and for many things more.

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