Foliage_Branch Brush

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Best Plant - Branch and foliage Brushes

user rejith By rejith (1) 23 Mar 2008 19814 views 2796 downloads
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user DeniseTodd
DeniseTodd: 1 decade ago

Please fix this

user Kristyanna1019
Kristyanna1019: 1 decade ago

I do not think he can do that try to get an upgraded to cs3 or cs4 if you are in college you can get cs4 design premium for $309 plus shipping if you are in CA. I am waiting for cs5. I have Photoshop 5.5, Photoshop 6, CS2, CS3, & CS4. I am 55 and back in School. Krisy BTW I do like the brushes too

user Chud37
Chud37: 1 decade ago

Can we have a photoshop 6 version please?

user SooFeeL
SooFeeL: 1 decade ago

It's not brushes file. .;;;

user adv.russel
adv.russel: 1 decade ago

Whatthe hell is this?.....

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