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Nice Crack Brushes

user koolfaz By koolfaz (6) 19 Dec 2009 18297 views 2197 downloads
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user koolfaz
the listing author koolfaz: 9 years ago

Thanks :)

user orlandosromero
orlandosromero: 9 years ago

...and this is so cool...

user tikiman
tikiman: 10 years ago

The only way I know of is to either use your bracket keys to change the size of the brush or set the brush to scatter/jitter, this method won't give you much control but it works.

user sap
sap: 10 years ago

nice one

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT: 10 years ago

Anyone knows if in Photoshop is possible to auto-change brush after each click/draw? So that for example... you can quickly draw different cracks one after another without having to go in brush menu and change it.

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