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Hi Again,
The Swirl has been created on PS and will show what gradients can do with Blurs to it :)

please rate it also
that helps me getting motivated to give more than what i can give :)
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user Shobhit By Shobhit (12) 31 Dec 2007 27311 views 5605 downloads
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user zhuvans
zhuvans: 1 decade ago


user eswarpavan465
eswarpavan465: 1 decade ago

gud work

user pjackel
pjackel: 1 decade ago

Love the Swirl! Very sweet.

user sheikhbpl
sheikhbpl: 1 decade ago

Great work

user Shobhit
the listing author Shobhit: 1 decade ago

@ bhalaniabhishek
find the new enhanced site @

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